The 4th NMDF was concluded on Friday 1st March 2013, at the Hotel Oasis in Morogoro. The two days meeting was attended by good number of representative from both public and private sector actors.

The 4th National Market Development Forum (NMDF) started on Thursday, 28th February and ended on Friday, 1st March 2013 at Hotel Oasis in Morogoro. The meeting has attracted good number of participants from all the cadres of agriculture sector, there was both public and private sector representatives. The opening remarks were addressed by Francis Massawe who is the RLDP Programme Manager. In his address he thanked the participants for their time and warmly welcomed them to the meeting. He went on to briefly telling participants why RLDP had initiated NMDF; he further linked the importance of the NMDF in the emerging agricultural markets like regional ones. After opening remarks, Paul Kalu presented general RLDP presentation which was then supplemented by sector presentations which were addressed by implementing partners. Ringo Iringo who is a Managing Director of Ringo Consolidated Company and the leader of sunflower apex associations (TASUPA, CEZOSOPA, and TEOSA) presented his presentation titled Collaboration between Sunflower Oil Processors and RLDC for improved sunflower sector in Tanzania; Ms. Elisabeth Swai who is the representative from AKM Glitters, a poultry partner presented a RLDC poultry marketing value chain. After AKM Glitters presentation there followed presentation from Philemon Kawamala who is the Marketing and Distribution Manager at the Agriculture Seeds Agency, he presented a collaborative rice programme between ASA-RLDC. After this there was plenary session next.

The keynote speakers’ session followed, the first address was from Prof. Nuhu Hatibu who is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Kilimo Trust based in Kampala, Uganda. Kilimo Trust is a regional organisation that addresses market system in East Africa, his presentation which was prepared in collaboration with Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) was titled National and Regional Agricultural Markets as Instruments for Wealth Creation and Elimination of Hunger, the presentation that by far sparked of participants. Before the next presentation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) which was titled the Role of Ministry of Industry and Trade in enhancing private sector growth for sustainable Agriculture production there was plenary session to the Kilimo Trust presentation. The next keynote address was from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Corperative, which was titled the Role of Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Corperative in supporting private sector actors for sustainable agriculture production. The presentations from ministry of industry and trade and from the ministry of agriculture, food security and corporative and the next one from USAID-Feed the Future initiative which was presented by Jim Hellerman who is the Chief of Party of Tuboreshe Chakula Project, a USAID contractor of Feed the Future in Tanzania, his presentation was titled Fortifying maize and oil while strengthening rural processing were all given plenary session in one time.

After these presentations, day one came to end. The second day of NMDF, started by recap of day one activities. After the recap there were presentations from Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) presentations regarding studies conducted under AGRA Tanzania Markets Policy Action Nodes, there were three sessions here, the first one was Tanzania AGRA Hub presentation, then progress on weight and measure study which was followed by progress on post-harvest loss. The plenary session concluded this session.

The next session was officially opening the meeting which was done by the Minister for Industry and Trade, Honourable Dr. Abdallah Kigoda, in his opening speech he called upon collaborative and coordinated efforts to bring about potential for agricultural products markets. He stressed that there are potential for both domestic and regional markets in one hand and on the other for special international market arrangement like European Union and AGOA.

After that opening speech, there was short presentation from SNV Agri-Hub Tanzania, this was an introduction to this concept which aims at creating knowledge sharing mechanism among agriculture stakeholders. The NMDF way forward was the next session. The NMDF way forward was designed purposely to bring together participants to determine the way in which the next NMDFs should be sustained without depending on one programme hosting year in year out. The short presentation was provided and thereafter was group discussion by categories of participants which enabled the organising committee to extract views and opinions from respective groups of participants.

The final order of the programme was the closing remarks and vote of thanks which were given by Dr. Mgimwa, Acting Assistant Director Research, Information and Promotion in the ministry of industry and trade. In her address, she thanked everybody for actively participating in the meeting and call upon regular communications among the participants and their organisations for growth of agriculture sector. She concluded by opening the doors at the ministry for participants to come in when they face a problem, need advice and/or for consultation.